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ART business owners have developed our business model and culture through recognising there is a gap in the market to represent those of us who are 45 years and over. We believe experience, talent and skill set does not diminish with age.  Statistics tell us that mature age employees are:-

  • – More reliable & enjoy working
  • – Have a wealth of life experience
  • – Organised with great time management
  • – Have less absenteeism / less likely to have workplace injury
  • – Look after themselves, have good health
  • – Generate better return on training investments
  • – LIkely to stay in the job (retaining company intelligence)
  • – Improve workplace morale 

What can an ART customer expect?

A collaborative, timely and effective service which will deliver an honest and informed recruitment process.  We will consult alongside prospective employers to gain a thorough understanding of your business, your business practices and employee culture.  Our guarantee is to select the most suited candidate and organise an interview quickly and efficiently.    ART will conduct thorough employment references for each candidate.   

Once the candidate is employed, ART will continue to support both employer and employee to ensure a smooth transition.

We are driven by our values

Our goal is to be a trusted and respected recruitment and training agency for those looking for secure positions and clients looking for exceptional and reliable employees. To operate with a caring and supportive manner, being passionate about providing exceptional and professional recruitment services, while having FUN!

Super Efficient

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled

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Donna Hall

Donna has a 25 year background in operational business management. She has experience delivering within the environment of call centre, administration, WHSE management, recruitment, training, compliance, project management in construction and field services. Her focus is to deliver a professional experience to both the client and candidate. Ensuring people are handled with respect and professionalism. Donna has a unique insight to successful business that will guarantee exceptional service and a positive and professional outcome. She will know the right fit for you and your business. She loves to listen…. her favourite sound is laughter! Whether it be a chuckle, belly laugh or the frantic wag of her dogs tail!


Karen has over 20 years experience in business management. Her experience crosses over a range of industries with a focus on Customer Service, operations, recruitment, training and mentoring. She is passionate and driven by helping people grow personally and professionally. Through coaching, she helps people find their mojo and the drive to create opportunity. You will always find Karen somewhere in an office, she’ll be the one pumping out a song, busting a move and singing out of tune……..


Brian has a career spanning 29 years in payroll for Australia and New Zealand businesses.  

Brian has worked in the Hospitality, Nursing, Retail, Publishing and Investment Banking industries. He has extensive working knowledge on Micropay and Chris21.

He has been responsible for recruiting and training Finance and Payroll Officers both onshore and offshore. Brian is a great listener, is patient and loves gardening!